11 May 2004

Sanctimonious fraud

If you hate Joe Lieberman the way I do, you'll enjoy this recent screed from Michael Bérubé.
Lieberman, for his part, has always struck me as a member of the religious right dressed up as a ''New Democrat.'' He's very concerned about ''moral'' issues like violence in video games, and he's sad that discussions of God and spirituality have been banished from the public sphere (to which I always reply, exactly what public sphere do you inhabit? As Richard Rorty once put it, an atheist can't get elected to any office higher than that of dogcatcher in this country). And let's not forget his important partnership with Lynne Cheney as co-director of the right-wing Association of College Trustees and Alumni and his consistent pattern of alignment with wingnut conservatives in the culture wars.

But now here comes a profound moral crisis ...

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