25 March 2004

Strangely charming

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this little prank in which a humor website asked all 100 US Senators for their favorite joke. I'll spoil the best part, the site's description of Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado.
Without a doubt, Colorado has the coolest Senator: the only Native American in the Senate, a renowned jewelry designer, former member of the U.S. Olympic judo team, and an avid motorcycle enthusiast. Received the U.S. Capitol Police Service Award for coming to the aid of an officer struggling with a violent felon. You try to filibuster this guy, he'll filibust you up.

Senator Campbell's joke demonstrates the economy of words you'd expect from someone who's on his way out the door to a HOG convention. Plus, I mean, you've got to admire a Senator who sports a ponytail.

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