16 February 2004

What our president wants to be when he grows up

I really try to resist the temptation to get too deeply into psychoanalyzing our nation's President, but I fail, fail, fail. Kos has a biting rant about ''Bush and hero worship''. It's consistent with the old saw about Bush wanting to be President as a resume item to help him get a job as Comissioner of Baseball.
Most people outgrow hero worship when they develop a sense of their own competence or success in life, and their identity isn't tied to people they don't know as much as it is to their own achievements, fulfilling their own responsibilities and nurturing their ties to family, friends and co-workers. They stop dreaming about what they'll be when they grow up -- pilot, major league pitcher, war hero -- and they just grow up. But for a guy who never succeeded at anything in life until he ran for Governor, and who since then has mostly been a figurehead uninterested in the details of governmental executive power, there is little Bush can plausibly tell himself he's achieved on his own except get sober -- a laudable and not to be scoffed-at accomplishment -- and be disciplined at delivering messages crafted for him but about which he has scant interest.

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