29 February 2004

Five for thirteen and I don't mind

If it means Peter Jackson gets to take home the Oscar, I'm happy to be wrong.

It's obvious that Return of the King didn't really win those Oscars -- though it is the greatest installment of the three -- but rather The Lord of the Rings as a whole. Which is appropriate: it was one long work, broken into three pieces, not really three films.

A few other things:

What is it with Renee Zellweger? I just don't understand what Hollywood sees in her.

It's a pity that A Mighty Wind is already out on DVD, as it would be lovely to see Mitch and Mickey doing the Oscars show in the extras.

It hurt to see Bill Murray walk home empty-handed, but seeing Sean Penn get that standing O was almost worth it.

As he reported today, it was geek comic author Scott Kurtz who swung the vote.

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