01 October 2014

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan is a lively writer, and occasionally people pass along him saying things I agree with and saying them well. I'm not above enjoying them.

But I've also followed his blogging and journalism career for too long to praise him. He's a bad journalist and a bad judge of policy and a cheerleader for some truly odious ideas. When friends pass along links to his articles, I grumble.

Finally, Mark Ames has assembled the full brief against him: If Andrew Sullivan Is The Future of Journalism Then Journalism Is Fucked. Even worse than even I knew. Of course.

Update: A tweetrant.

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samuel glover said...

It's good that Ames devotes so much attention to Sullivan's amazingly incompetent tenure at The New Republic. Sullivan gets lots of (deserved) scorn for his career-long bouts of hysteria, but his fundamental professional ineptitude is too often overlooked. His ever-failing-upwards track has been a vivid symptom of the degradation of American journalism for about a quarter-century, now.