18 December 2013

Holy Guardian Superman

Max Landis calls Superman:

a person who could do anything, and chooses to do the right thing out of kindness, not obligation

His moral judgment is perfected, he feels no fear, his compassion is limitless, and he is empowered with siddhis of every real or imagined human capacity to a divine, superhuman degree. He draws his powers from the Light of the Sun.

Those who know the chakra system might call this anāhata, the heart.

But Superman is a Western god, transmitted to us originally by a couple of Jewish kids from the holy city of Cleveland, so his symbolism is best understood in terms of the Hermetic qabalah. In that system tifareth, which means “beauty” and whose number is six and planet is the Sun, closely mirrors anāhata. Superman is traditionally depicted wearing the blue of chesed (mercy, the protective and sustaining sphere, whose number is four and planet is Jupiter) trimmed in the red of gevurah (strength, the fierce and active counterpart to chewed, whose number is five and planet is Mars). Over his heart there is an emblem which shows his sigil over a field of the gold of tifrareth, bound within a five-sided shield in the red of gevurah.

He bears the Hebrew angelic name Kal-El, “The Grip of God”. His father bears the name Jor-El, “Teacher of God”; his mother bears the name Lara, “Of The Initiation”; his cousin Supergirl bears the name Kara Zor-El, “Call To God's Stranger”.

The aspirant may benefit from meditation on the significance of these colors, sigils, and names.

Image courtesy of a lovely post about the Last Son of Krypton at Theory of Everything Comics.

Bonus: More pop Buddhas from io9.

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Erik said...

That is an amazing picture. I only wish the attendant saints were either colleagues (JLA and LSH) or his villains.