20 May 2012

The best TV show

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is better than The Wire, according to a man who should know: David Simon, the creator of The Wire.

We thought some prolonged arguments about what kind of country we’ve built might be a good thing, and if such arguments and discussions ever happen, we will feel more vindicated in purpose than if someone makes an argument for why The Wire is the best show in years. (“Buffy,” by the way, was the correct answer to that particular bracketfest.)

That, of course, is just an aside on the way to talking insightfully about much more important things. Click through for more David Simon awesomeness. (And I've found the New York Times interview, and then the follow-up interview he alludes to. If you care about this stuff, you may want to read those first.)

Worth reading. But I disagree with Simon about one thing: I love love love Buffy, and the episode “The Body” is the single best hour of television ever made, but The Wire is far and away the best TV show I've ever seen.

Update: Still.

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