19 November 2008

Hipster PDA

You may have heard of the Hipster PDA: a stack of 3x5 cards held together with a binder clip. This thing is, seriously, pretty much a movement. I myself am a Fussy Hipster PDA user, in the form of spiffy sideways 3x5 cards in a little leather pocket portfolio from Levenger.

I bring it up because a major office supply manufacturer now sells it as a product.


d a r k c h i l d e said...

I've noticed that the more a persons lives revolve around the pushing, promoting and production of tech, the more we dream of being amish...

That being said...and being *almost* obsessive to a pathological degree about using my Franklin Covey time-management tools (the 90's did a HUGE diservice to my short-term memory). I love paper. I'm a real cult-member of the quill/nib pen... but I LOVE my iPhone for it's ability to reduce my need to carry all that other excrement around in a purse!

All haid the iPhone for keeping a busy woman organized and on-time and NOT lugging around 20 kilos of 'stuff' in a designer bag.

Wait...I never carried designer bags, did I? And we're really talking about a 3 oz. stack of cards.

Never mind. Please excuse the rant. Carry on...

Amelia said...

I admit, I like the clip design.

For years, corporations like Target, Urban Outfitters, etc. have been tracking the DIY movements and co-opting their ideas to sell in stores. The only good thing I'll say about it is that it keeps the movement on it's toes.