25 November 2008


TheHill.com has a little article about a church inviting the Obamas to attend their services. Something jumped out at me, reading it.
Though it is not likely to be the case with Obama, some presidents chose not to attend church while living in D.C.

President Bush is widely known for his religious beliefs, but for eight years has not frequented a local church, at times citing security concerns. Ronald Reagan also did not attend a church regularly, saying that after the attempt on his life it was too great a risk. And Richard Nixon opted to have Billy Graham come to the White House for private religious services.

“The logistics of a president going to a worship service are a nightmare,” Cromartie said.

But security does not make regular worship impossible. Both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, for example, attended D.C.-area churches. Clinton’s church, Foundry Methodist Church, installed metal detectors because many tourists attended services on Sunday — some simply to catch a glimpse of the president.

Hmmnn. It says “some presidents chose not to attend church while living in D.C.” Let's review what it tells us.

AttendedDid not

It seems like there's a pattern in there, somewhere. I'm sure if I think about it for long enough, it will come to me.

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Kate said...

I think Nixon, Reagan, and Bush were concerned for the congregation: lightening no doubt would strike if the goddess found them entering a place of worship.