10 August 2008


So I thought I was so over lightsaber battles — cool, to be sure, but now it's been done to death — but Ryan vs Dorkman 2 demonstrated that I was wrong.

John Rodgers comments, sagely:

Please note, action fanatics — it's the little flourishes that make a great fight, not the big stunt-y moments.

Seriously. I started to feel guilty about watching, and then at 1:48 I realized I didn't want to miss a second of it.

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Anonymous said...

Why, oh why, when people mean "I" do they use the word "you"?

And don't tell me Jane Austen did it. I won't believe you.

(I'm just sayin'. I made it longer through this than I ought - at almost 3 minutes - but watching it for 9??)