06 March 2008

American music

I see that the Asylum Street Spankers are hitting the road again.

Austin readers: go to Momo's Friday night at 9:00 or the SXSW showcase at Esther's Follies on Thursday the 13th.

San Diego readers: I'll be at their 10 pm show at The Casbah on Sunday the 23rd.

Portland readers: They play the Aladdin on Saturday 29 March.

San Francisco readers: They're doing double shows, at 8:00 and 10:00 pm, at Du Nord on Friday the 4th of April.

LA readers: The next day, they'll be at Safari Sam's in Hollywood.

Someone once asked me what kind of music they play, and I realized that I didn't have a good name for it. “Uh ... American music.” You'd recognize it. Like you might hear on “West Coast Live” or “The Prairie Home Companion” and think ooh, that's really fun.

(Oh, and Mr James McMurtry: it is only because of this that I see you're playing Momo's on Saturday, since I've been foolish enough to think that your website is a good place to find your upcoming showtimes. See to that, would you? I'm looking for an opportunity to fly to Austin to see you, and this woulda been a good time.)


Kate said...

Austin is awesome....... spent a long weekend there last spring with a poetess friend who has since moved permanently to Buenos Aires. Go before it gets hot though :)

beanblossom said...

Ugh, that is some really bad music. And, by "bad", I don't mean good in any way...