11 July 2007

An Atlas body?

Warren Ellis notices a website for a self-improvement program for 98 pound weaklings who love comics.
Welcome to TheVeidtMethod.com! If you have visited us you are interested in my course, and if you did that, it's because you think you need a change in your life. A better body? Increased confidence and magnetism? Advanced mental techniques that will help you at home or business? Well, yes we can offer you all these things...but in order to have and enjoy them, there's got to be a new YOU! More than just a bodybuilding course, the Veidt Method is designed to produce bright and cabable young men and women who will be fit to inherit the challenged, promising, and often difficult world that awaits in our future. The course is designed to be easy to read and to understand, and if you follow it through, I can assure you that you and uour friends will quickly notice the results as a whole new realm of ability and experience is opened to you. Stay tuned for more updates on what you can expect to find in later updates on this site.

Best wishes and encouragement — Adrian Veidt.

Ha ha. Spot on. (And of course Rorschach's Journal insists that this is a “LIE.”)

If you don't know who Adrian Viedt is, then never mind.

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