26 October 2006


Perhaps you've seen Michael J. Fox's gutsy and heartbreaking campaign ad for Missouri Senate candidate Claire McCaskill, in which his plea for stem cell research is punctuated by tremours from his Parkinson's medication.

Rush Limbaugh has tried to outdo his usual low standards by saying Fox was faking to try to win sympathy.

Olbermann, Tristero, Hilzoy, Lance Mannion, Shakespeare's Sister, and Jane Hamsher give Limbaugh the shellacking he deserves.


Kate said...

One of my favorite parts of this is the fact that Michael J. Fox did a campaign ad for Specter on the same issue. Somehow Rush's toadies didn't get that info to him before he blathered on about Democratic ploys...........

And what a classy guy Fox is!

This weekend I am phone banking to get out the vote of the undecided. A former colleague of mine is running for Congress in the 10th district in VA (not my district) and anyone with a voice needs to get on the phones to get out the vote.........wherever you are!


TheWayOfTheGun said...

In case there was any doubt, I was in the same hotel as Michael J Fox in early 2002 and crossed his path several times that week, including a couple of meals at adjacent tables. He's not faking.

Anonymous said...

Apparently their exhaustive search didn't include listening to Limbaughs statement. Limbaugh said that Fox admits to going off his medication before congress in his biography. Limbaugh then read the relevant part of Fox's book. Limbaugh also said that he watches Fox on some TV program, and that Fox does not act like that on the program. In the context stating that he was "either off his meds or acting", not only isn't an attack, but it seems like a reasonable assessment of the situation.

Furthermore, the description of "Rush's attack" is also misleading in that it gives the mistaken impression that this somehow has to do with Bush's policies, when in fact the whole subject is about a state election