25 August 2006

Secrets of comics

Via Neil Gaiman, I learn about “22 Comics Panels That Always Work,” by legendary comics artist Wally Wood.

3 comics panels that alwayss work

Three thoughts:

  1. If you have any love of comics at all, you must check this thing out, because the title is no exaggeration.
  2. Joel Johnson is a Great American. Dig what he has to say about publishing them on the web.
    ... please disseminate as freely as you like. Part of the reason I bought the piece was to ensure that it remained available to any artists who might find it inspiring or useful.
    There's a man who understands the value of the cultural commons.
  3. Johnson's web page also describes the history of the piece, how it came to be which is pretty interesting in itself. It includes this little tidbit about Wood:
    He had a framed motto on the wall, “Never draw anything you can copy, never copy anything you can trace, never trace anything you can cut out and paste up.”
    Or as Picasso is said to have said, “Talent imitates, but genius steals.”

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