01 September 2006

Girls are icky

Occasionally, I worry that I'm turning into some humourless strawfeminist who's exaggerating about sexism. Then I see something that reminds me that no, it's not my imagination. Like the idea that women need to be washed with Lysol to be attractive.


Lydia said...

I really hope douching is no longer common, but sometimes I feel like I'd like to see sales figures ... though maybe it's better not to risk being horrified.

Sea's Blog said...

Got my attention. And Lydia's.


I think internal hygiene for men or women is about natural living. Natural odors are nice. Except when there's some need for detoxing in one way or another. And you?

Jonathan Korman said...

Sorry if I wasn't clear enough that I think that “feminine hygene products” are crap both on general principles and as manifestations of sexism.

Girls are not icky. I didn't believe it when I was 10, and I'm not going to believe it when advertisers tell me so.

Perfumed water or vinegar water are dumb enough, but Lysol is scary disgusting—you wouldn't rinse your mouth with Lysol. Yuck.

Sea's Blog said...

You were clear. My comment about detoxing wasn't real clear either ... but, another time.

It's easy to see how, as a male, how hard you have worked to rid yourself of, or not take on the sexist conditioning which is directed at you 24/7.

thx for that.

Sea's Blog said...

ps-I'm glad you don't think we're icky.