24 December 2006

Christmas Eve

Don't ask me why this of all things is the thing that sticks, but for me Christmas isn't Christmas until I've seen Bowie sing a duet with Bing.

For those of you who like your Xmas whimsey more subversive still, I offer you another video.


Thorn Coyle said...

That is wrong. Just wrong.

(but I did laugh when Father Christmas bit the doll's head....)

Al said...

Off topic completely: I've just found photographic proof that you were in my room at Pantheacon 2001 when I threw a party.

Why did I not remember this and why don't we ever have coffee? :-)

thorn Coyle said...

We probably never have coffee because I am rarely in town... but I am willing to make attempts to remedy this for a co-seeker and contemplative practitioner.

Al Billings said...

That was actually directed at Jonathan. :-)

I don't think you, Thorn, and I met until 2002 or 2003 at Panthecon. I remember being introduced to you at a room party or the like. Probably 2003. We had a conversation, briefly, about the fact that I had attempted to use your book in the Wiccan prison program that I was working within (unsuccessfully as it turned out).

That being said, I'm up for coffee with fellow travelers on most occasions. I'll even come to the City side of the Bay since I effectively live on the Emeryville/Berkeley/Oakland border region.

So far, in the six months of being in the Bay Area, Mark (Panshiva) and I have had coffee/beer or a meal a few times and I've had dinner with Kat. That's it for meeting people.

For whatever reason, I haven't made much of a connection with the local community (though it isn't because I'm unwilling to, it just doesn't seem to work out), including the person who performed my wedding.