07 May 2006

Today's quote

DeLong makes an astonishing observation:
the years since 1945 have been the longest period since 113 B.C. in which no army has crossed the Rhine with fire and sword
You know, whenever I hear American hawks complaining about the gutless French and pacifist Germans, I reflect that history teaches us that these are good problems to have.


snakey said...


And gutless French - jeez, guys, the Peninsular War wasn't *that* long ago....*headdesk*

But anyway, the quote when I read it a few days ago didn't surprise me *at all*. America has been very lucky in its history in not actually having many wars on its own turf....

Anonymous said...

I think Brad DeLong should stick to the blogging and leave the vlogging to others.


Jonathan Korman said...

I have to admit that I am kind of charmed by his nerdy charmlessness in video form, but I'm sympathetic anyone who doesn't see it that way. He's no Amanda Congdon, that's for sure.