29 May 2006

Oh no! No mo' PoMo!

I recently found this table among papers from 1991. I had to share:

Cool postmodernism Hot postmodernism
Office Home
White collar No collar
Urban/Multinational Local/Global
Ironic Passionate
Head Heart
Fusion Solar
IBM Apple
Hobbes Calvin
Memphis Group Zona
New York / LA Montreal / New Orleans
Michael Graves Christopher Alexander
Philip Johnson Adres Duany
Cyberpunk Fantasy Fiction
Cynical Romantic
Detached Engaged
Ted Koppel Morton Downey, Jr
Neither Left nor Right Both Left and Right
Philip Glass Enya
Blade Runner Koyaanisqatsi
Apocalypse / Arcadia Realism
Laurie Anderson Queen Ida
Academic Empathetic
Mannerist Visionary
East European novels Latin American novels
Allan Bloom Joseph Campbell
Bowling Ballroom dancing
Sharper Image Smith & Hawken
Jean Beaudrillard Ivan Illich
The Three Davids:
Hockney, Letterman, Byrne
The Three Abbeys:
Hoffman, Edward, Road

Hmmnn. Things change.

For young 'uns, I should explain that Morton Downey, Jr. should not be confused with Robert the actor. Downey was a host of a ubiquitous vulgar TV talk show, the Anti-Oprah, sort of a cross between the worst aspects of Jerry Springer, Bill O'Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh.

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