21 June 2007

I drink single malt scotch

Find out what your drink says about you.


Katherine Summer said...

These are my favorites in order

Whisky, Single Malt Scotch, Bourbon You’re a sexual athlete. Women want you and men want to be like you. You have class, talent, wit, and brains.

Mint Julep You’re a hospitable Southern guy/gal. Good stuff. Rarely ordered.

Whisky Sour Have another one Grandma.


Why yes, as a matter of fact I AM a grandma, thank you very much.

Kate said...

I never remember you drinking single malt scotch in my presence but that could have been because your brother doesn't have any. :)

And yes, I have finished my vodka tonic for the evening, and this no doubt equates to the g&t he talks about. After all it was 114 F here today.

Love, Mom