03 March 2006

Jon Stewart

Wil Wheaton pinpoints how the media screws up our political culture in a post where he links Jon Stewart's appearance on Larry King.
Larry King made several feeble attempts to create controversy, and Jon Stewart kicked him square in the nuts each time .... several "gotcha" attempts which failed spectacularly when Jon refused to take the bait, and instead turned the ludicrous question back on Larry King, who of course had no response other than this painful frozen half-smile that was equal parts fear and lothing. When Larry King wasn't completely controlling the tone and content of the show, you could feel how uncomfortable he was.
After Stewart's amazing appearance on Crossfire, you have to figure that CNN has decided not to let any of their journalists try to keep up with talking politics with any well-read comedians ... and according to Wheaton, may even be trying to wreak some vengence.

It's probably not a good idea to mess with the comedians, though. No, not at all.

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