30 March 2006


The Poor Man makes a daring assertion.
What does this graph tell us? First of all, we can visually see the meaning of the terms "good" (the initial peak), "bad" (the valley), "so bad it's good" (the second hump), and "so bad it goes past 'so bad it's good' and just fucking sucks" (Phantasm IV). More usefully, we may extract a "Filmic Efficiency" (FE) rating for each film by taking the ratio of Enjoyability to Quality. The FE gives a measure of how well the efforts of the film makers are converted into audience enjoyment. A high FE implies a good use of film resources; a negative FE implies a Merchant-Ivory production. By inspection, we discover that the economics of cinema implies that all films produced should be remakes of Action Jackson, or should at least end in a karate fight between Carl Weathers and Craig T. Nelson.
He vigorously backs up this assertion. Now that the greatest exploitation director of all time is no longer with us, it's hard to argue.

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