02 January 2006


Ken MacLeod wittily points us toward Lenin's Tomb, where the ghost of the October Revolution reveals that Britian has been involved in torture in Uzbekistan, and trying to cover it up.

MacLeod warns

In drawing my readers' attention to these links I do not, of course, intend in any way that anyone should actually click on them and look at the documents, let alone link to them far and wide
In defernce to this suggestion, I offer you this brief quote from Lenin's post, to show you how boring and un-click-worthy it is.
the Foreign Office does not want anyone to understand that it has taken decisions, in collaboration with MI6, to continue to use information obtained by the use of torture despite the fact that it is, as [UK ambassador to Uzbekistan] Craig Murray points out quot;highly coloured material which exaggerates the threat" or, more prosaically, "dross".
Fortunately, the US isn't involved in Uzbekistan's torture practices. Except to the degree that we have been propping up the regime as an ally, I guess. And if you cannot connect the dots here to the bankruptcy of the neo-con claim that the Bush administration's foreign policy represents America finally standing up against tyranny, then Digby spells it out for you.

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