23 January 2006

Notice the hanger

From the magnificent Paul Conrad.


Kate said...

I saw that cartoon and nearly gagged. The significance of the hanger was not lost on me.


Reya Mellicker said...

The Right to Life people had a huge march and rally here today. The helicopters circled all day, they re-routed traffic past Healing Arts. Later, on the Metro, I saw a few of the last stragglers from the march, heading home. "You can't be Catholic and be pro-abortion" - a sign a young woman was holding. I was tempted to ask her who in the world is pro-abortion, but I didn't. These are frightening times.

Indri said...

I find myself grateful that I'm old enough to have options (ie, a passport), should I get pregnant accidentally. And I worry for our teenagers.

Anonymous said...

I didn't (have options), and I met that hanger, and I had hoped that no ne would ever again need either. I worry for all of us. This is no longer a "slippery slope"; it has become a chute.

Indri's Mom