14 December 2005

Tree of life

A few folks have just passed on to me Kabbalah ... with Britney and Madonna.
Madonna: Its complement is Gevurah. You’ll see that image is from I’m Breathless.

Britney: Pardon me?

Madonna: The soundtrack to Dick Tracy?

Britney: I’m sorry. It’s not ringing a bell.

Madonna: Never mind. Tracy is a lawman; my single, "Hanky Panky" was all about punishment, spanking. Gevurah shows us order and restraint; it keeps things as they are. Chesed and Gevurah are at odds and in balance. It’s difficult to explain, my sweet, perhaps because you’re not yet a woman of grand experie …

Britney: Is it like when you reinvent yourself as a more adult performer, perhaps with an r’n’b edge, but you have to make sure that you don’t alienate your core demographic?

Madonna: You are a fine pupil, Britney, wise beyond your years.

Let me add that Colin Low has done the same thing for us, using Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Worf is a brilliant depiction of Gevurah. His dominating motivations are duty and honour, so his behaviour is tightly constrained by whatever he considers to be dutiful and honourable. He is not afraid to die upholding duty and honour and exhibits something close to a death urge --- he would make a good Kamikaze.
And I have at least a picture of the RHPS execution of the Tree.
Chaos Magicians tend to be very (you guessed it!) chaotic people. The kind of people who would dream up things like this Rocky Horror Picture Show Cabbala (pictured to the right). Yep, that was designed by one of the most famous chaos magicians out there: Phil Hine (it's scanned from my (signed) copy of Condensed Chaos).
I'm still working on my own superhero tree-of-life and Firefly tree-of-life. I'll let you know.

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