22 September 2005


I'm still in Brazil, but here in the internet café it occurs to me that I should start planning Serenity opening night now. I'm getting a posse together to see it open at the Metronomicon on Friday night, the 30th. Leave a comment if you're a browncoat who wants in; I work near the theater, so I'll score us all tix.


snakey said...

Only if you can score me plane tickets too.... ;)

Thread said...

Me. Me. Me. Me. And more Me.

Indri said...

I'm working in the Richmond District until 7, but if you were thinking something like a 9pm show...

Anonymous said...

The following "cities" will be showing Serenity on the 30th:

Cardington, OH
Rio, WI
Albany, OR
Maple Grove, MN
Singer, LA (on the Gulf Coast)
Raymondville, TX (on the Gulf Coast)
Round Mountain, TX

DC does not have a theater showing it.


Miriam said...

Browncoat? Check.

Wants in? Check.

Anywhere near the Bay Area? Not so much. But enjoy!

sterling said...

Oh yes!

Conner said...

No power in the 'verse could stop me.


Anonymous said...

So..........nu...........you are "home"............let's hear some musings on Brazil!


Reya Mellicker said...

Has Miniver Cheevy left the building? I miss you.


Anonymous said...


He apparently has not yet re-entered the building.


Kate aka Mom