24 August 2005

Up, up ...

If you care, you probably already know that Bryan Singer has abandoned the X-Men to direct the only film that would justify such treachery ... Superman Returns. It's gonna be great.

Serious film-and-comics geeks should check out the production's video blog which is full of chocolately goodness about the production. There are a few spoilers, but not too bad --- the main thing we learn is that the sets are gorgeous.

If you're only a film geek, and have a soft spot for celebrity pop culture weirdness, go there just to check out blog entry #7, "The Call." I won't spoil the reason why.


Indri said...

"The Call" is hilarious. I didn't know a director could do that. But I won't spoil it for anyone else.

Jonathan Korman said...

I'm glad you liked it; I wasn't sure if my sense of whimsy was too hopelessly weird for thinking it was cool.

As I understand it, a film director is sort of an absolute dictator on set, doing pretty much whatever they want ... so long as it doesn't make the producer panic and fire them. But the events of the clip are so surreal, I wonder if it isn't some kind of elaborate put-on.