24 August 2005

Burn baby burn

Burning Man is next week. I'll be there starting Wednesday morning.

I just got the word from the Tortoise that our camp will be between Bipolar and Catharsis @ 6:30. I'll also be paying a visit to the Man at 11:00 in the morning each day ... or rather, each day that I motivate.

I'll be the guy dressed a bit like T. E. Lawrence.


qibitum said...

Hey there-- we'll be neighbors, it looks like. I'll be in the BLD round about 6:30 & Catharsis (subgroup: Low Expectations), starting Thursday eve. Come round to say hi sometime. We generally have cofffee going all day. --Lee

Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of clothing for the desert, at least during the day.

Have a fantastic experience. I know you will, since you always do.

Love, Mom

Miriam said...

Actually, having lived in both Arizona and Jordan, I can confirm that's about perfect clothing for the desert during the day. It makes a nice little personal tent to keep your skin shaded from the elements. (For an extra touch, use some of that limited water to wet the kaffia on your head, and you're good to go.)

Enjoy the burn!


Reya Mellicker said...

The Lawrence of Arabia outfit will be fabulous. I was imagining you there in your suit, also a fabulous image.

xx, Reya