24 May 2005

Today's quote

From John Holbo, a new term that I feel confident I will be able to use.
Zizek heavily favors what might be termed 'Tholian Web arguments': intellectual formations so potent (apparently) that they would only be needed against the most formidable targets; yet so delicate, disruptable and tardy to deploy that they could only be efficacious against targets that are immobilized and defenseless - possibly because the captain is trapped in another dimension. Liberalism, for example.
He uses it in his later essay Begging the Question, Zizek Edition.
Zizek simply. Does. Not. Argue. He asserts. He stands on his assertions, spinning Tholian webs around helpless, a priori false liberalism.
Makes me glad that I don't feel like I have a dog in that particular fight.


RIPope said...

Too bad Holbo's liberalism begets its own a priori falsehood. Holbo might, somewhere, have the beginning of an argument. Too bad Holbo isn't actually interested in arguing, only asserting. At least Zizek argues.

Jonathan Korman said...

Ouch. I'm entirely unable to discern if that's meant to be an ironic statement. More reason to be glad I don't have a dog in this fight, just an appreciation for nerdy jokes about Tholian webs.