20 April 2005

Tenth anniversary

Ten years ago today, the US suffered its first major terrorist attack on our own soil, second in severity only to 9/11.

What, don't you remember? We're in a War on Terrorism, right? Something like that would be covered on the news nonstop, wouldn't it?

Let me remind you. On 19 April 1995, Timothy McVeigh set a bomb at Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 167 Americans.

David Neiwert at Orcinus explains how it oddly doesn't seem to be “terrorism” if white people do it, and points out a few places that have covered the story.


Anonymous said...

Is it terrorism when the US govt does it and calls it Waco? After all, that was what McVeigh was responding to, right? Today is the 11th anniversary of the Waco conflagration.

(not defending McVeigh, BTW. I'm just sayin'...)

- yezida

Anonymous said...

NPR covered it.

Jonathan Korman said...

Yezida raises a good question about the definition of "terrorism" which I've been meaning to blog about. Someday.

She also correctly points out that McVeigh was galvanized by Waco, and chose the date of his attack to reflect that. This, too, is deeper than I will attempt to essay in comments ...