15 March 2005


Perhaps you know about LostFrog.org, the site for the quest for Hopkin green frog. Of all the photoshop mod jokes, for some reason Hopkin charms the most. Perhaps it's the plaintiveness of the central plea, no less mysterious than "all your base are belong to us" but with meloncholy, rather than arrogance.

Thanks to the delightful Dangerine, I now know the Secret Origin of Hopkin green frog.

It’s a different ending to the story than I expected or had hoped for, certainly; but on another level, it means that Hopkin will remain forever lost, justifying and extending the mounting need for Hopkin-related photoshop tomfoolery.

But is this really the truth? I prefer to believe.

And I'm sure there's a joke about Samuel Beckett in there somewhere.

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