05 December 2004

A modest proposal

It's a bit late for this, what with the election over, but I have to share a disconcerting thought experiment that Big Media Matt proposes.
How can a President Kerry scale back some of the more egregious abuses of power Bush has committed without getting blamed for being 'soft' on terrorism. Simply rescinding the 'enemy combatant' orders isn't good enough, since the viability of that strategy depends on the Democrats winning every election ever which isn't realistic. Plus, it makes Kerry 'soft.' But what if he were to order the entire Republican congressional caucus to be arrested, shipped to Gitmo, and held imcommunicado? Then he could tell the GOPers that they're free to go as soon as they produce a bill putting some limits on, and oversight of, executive authority in this regard.
It woulda been fun.

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