27 November 2004


At my mother's request, I offer y'all this list of things I want as Christmas gifts.

Friends and loved ones reading this, please don't feel obligated to run out and score me something; I try to live as much as possible in the world of gifts as targets of opportunity, rather than obligations. I'm willing to splurge on an expensive gift for a friend if I find something clever that I know that they wouldn't find or purchase for themselves. Hunting for something, anything, to give to someone in the absence of inspiration is a bit silly. If you feel the same, there's no dishonor if you just don't find something suitable and decide you won't give me a Christmas gift. I'll still love you.

That said, gratuitously cool little bookish or leatherish things are cool. Gratuitiously charming artefacts of manly grooming are cool. Certainly I always want more cufflinks. They are the perfect gift: delightful but unnecessary, they don't take up space, but I do use them all.

I don't need sweaters; I've got that one covered.

Of course anyone reading this blog who has never even met me will guess that I have an insatiable hunger for books, music, and movies. Weird new music I don't know anything about is fun.

I should say about that last link link that it leads to my Amazon wish list. I don't see any dishonor in buying DVDs from Amazon --- especially if you have five grand burning a hole in your pocket and think your buddy Jonathan needs the complete Criterion Collection gift set --- but if you can, you always want to support local retailers with your music and book dollars.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your prompt response to my request & I loved seeing you yesterday!



3Jake said...

Hey you,
I am officially putting my Jake seal of approval on the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell book. Unless you have read it, and then I am stymied--this has been a mediocre year as far as I can tell. Oh, I think the other author I have enjoyed is the Le Divorce/Dianne Johnson series. They are really charming and not too chick-litty