31 October 2004


I'm a little too busy doing Hallowe'en to write about Hallowe'en, so instead I offer you Eminem. I guess he's a bit of a scary monster.

He's also discovered electoral politics. (Sorry, even when it's pop music, I'm stuck on politics right now.) Check out his video for the new song "Mosh," which is an anti-Bush screed. Not politically sophisticated, but politically serious, and rhetorically crafty --- notice how Mr. Mathers manages to invoke the rebel yell in opposition to a Republican politician. And the animation is powerful.

See it in QuickTime, Windows, or RealMedia, and if you're old like me, you may want to also look at lyrics at the same time to keep up with him.

Oh, and Atrios asks

So, anyone else planning to go vote in their black hoodie?
After seeing the video, yeah, I'm considering it.


Anonymous said...

In the worst case scenario you become an ex-pat. We may not know for several days whether you take this option for your future. Just a few things to consider: please choose someplace I have never been but would like to go. It is unfortunate that we could not afford to send you to St. John's, because you would have learned Greek, albeit classical Greek but I am sure modern Greek would have come easily to you. I do so want to spend some time in the Greek Isles.

Just trying to lighten the load as we approach E-Day 2004. I am in pain here and there seems to be no way to alleviate it.

Love, Mom

Indri said...

Kate, how do you feel about Paris? That's my vote. Although Belgium and chocolate sound good to me to.

Anonymous said...

Actually Paris is fine -- I speak some French (accent is horrible but certainly know all the words - or most of them). Anyway.........been to France (as Miniver was at 11 weeks :-) -- doubt if he remembers much. By this evening though I am feeling less fearful and more positive............about outcome tomorrow/the next day....whenever the final result is tabulated.

The Azores are nice I hear.............anyone interested in taking up the life of a fisherperson?


Jonathan Korman said...

Alysse is talking about India, if you can believe that. We all can find work there.

Anonymous said...

I like Lisa's ideas of Paris or Belgium & chocolate...I could hop over from the Greek Isles. India was never a place I particularly was interested in seeing, but then this is your fantasy not really mine. :-) Jobs yes but given the competition for those jobs (thousands of native-born trained in the US) and the probability of wages in the negative column your upscale lifestyle would be diminished a bit!

Sort of kidding............anyway I hold great hope for today's outcome -- weather is fabulous, voter turnout may be a record....and I know "the fat lady hasn't sung yet,"........but optimism is my strength today.

Love, Mom

Indri said...

Had a conversation with the nice ladies I was modeling for this morning, and we came up with a new word, which hopefully we'll never need to use. "Bushpats". Bush-induced expatriates.

But I'm thinking the kids are going to rise up. Counting on it. Where's my black hoodie?