02 October 2004


Like many San Franciscans, I loathe Los Angeles.

Like many people who grew up in Los Angeles and left, I loathe Los Angeles.

But, I am fond of saying, being from Los Angeles has certain advantages: one has a special intimacy with this strange, famous place.

A while ago, notorious San Franciscan Thomas Roche moved down to LA. In his short time there, he has already learned many of the city's secrets.

Hollywood is not Los Angeles. Actually, neither is Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, West L.A., Palms, West Hollywood, Westwood, or ... actually, Los Angeles itself. None of it is L.A. There really is no L.A., but you're going to be late getting there anyway. Now get in your car and drive.
His observations about the difference between LA goths and SF goths are particularly witty, but I resent that he so quickly acquired wisdom that took me painful years to earn. Yet I am vindicated: he hates the place, and is leaving.

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3Jake said...

Talk about 6 degrees of seperation! I am pretty sure that I was at SFSI with him. Weird. Small freakin' world.