06 August 2004

Two things for politics junkies

If you're not hardcore, you can skip these two. But both are great if you like having resources for doing some digging.

First: A timeline of terror alerts and major news stories.

Biltud, from Salon.com's TableTalk, posted a few days ago a series of correlations between past terror alerts and political events unfavorable to the Bush administration. I compiled all these correlations and organized them chronologically into a timeline. I also added additional news items and other instances that I found out, detailing the terror alerts over the last few years, and located the original sources for many of these news articles. Soon, Biltud and I started to research together all these occurrences, and more interesting "coincidences" started to appear. We finally built this timeline of terror alerts and how they relate to the news headlines of the days immediately prior to that very alert. I think it's very easy to see a pattern recurring.
Second: Details about how a careful reading of the 9/11 commission report reveals that the Bush administration lied about the intelligence they had justifying the attack on Iraq.
In some cases, they were told their claims were wholly without merit, yet they went ahead and made them anyway. Even the Senate report admits that the White House "misrepresented" classified intelligence by eliminating references to contradictory assertions.

In short, they knew they were misleading America.

And they did not care.

They knew Iraq posed no nuclear threat .... They knew the aluminum tubes were not for nuclear weapons .... They knew the Iraq-uranium claims were not supported .... They knew Saddam and bin Laden were not collaborating .... They knew there was no Prague meeting .... They knew they were misleading America

We report; you decide.

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