24 August 2004

Stone Cold John Kerry

You would think that it would be impossible to write satire about the fact that, having already metamorphosed into the party of fiscal responsibility more than a decade ago, the Democrats have now also become the party of military service, too.

You'd be wrong — if you like your satire dark, wild, and cold. I offer you Ken Layne's essay God of War, Death, and Madness.

Kerry was in Vietnam, taking lives like your boy eats cookies. Killing people, saving people, holding Life & Death in his hands like a savage gift. He kills the Viet Cong or anybody else he chooses, he saves a U.S. sailor who fell out of the boat, he walks the halls of the Senate deciding who he'll kill or who he'll save. In Vietnam, Kerry is a death's head of gruesome power, while your Bush hides in Alabama, a scared little girl.

It's definitely a read-the-whole-thing kind of thing.

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