16 February 2004

Your ad here!

So I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself about weblogging. I wasn't sure if I would take to it, and here I'm posting pretty regularly, getting in a good mix of stuff. Maybe all y'all have stopped reading, but this is a blog I would read.

I told myself that if I stuck with it I would start to pay Blog*Spot to get rid of the ugly advertisements at the top of the page and give MKB his bleedin' geeky RSS feed.

But I'm starting to get entertained by my own ads. There's evidently some kind of none-too-bright algorhtym that determines what your ads should be based on words in your blog. So right now my ads say

President George Bush
Free environmental news by mail. Sign up today at Grist magazine.

Build a Stronger America
Support the RNC and the President's Compassionate Conservative agenda.

Um, yeah. Whatever.

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